Renewal Services

Enjoy strong subscriber retention when you rely on ppf for journal renewal services. We all know it’s easier to retain a subscriber than it is to bring back one who has lapsed. That’s why our journal customer service team takes such good care of your current subscribers while your ppf marketing coordinator works with you to design custom, multi-contact renewal campaigns that work.

Depend on ppf for custom renewal campaigns that include:

Any subscriber who somehow fails to renew is automatically enrolled in a lapsed subscriber renewal campaign and contacted by the ppf customer service team, who learn directly why the subscriber hasn’t renewed. This extra effort often identifies subscribers who didn’t intend to let their subscriptions lapse and are happy to renew after personal contact. While the ppf lapsed subscriber campaigns work to recapture lost business and convert it to sales, it also provides valuable information about lapses that can inform more effective marketing efforts, offer insights for improvement of your publication, and ultimately enhance subscriber retention and enable journal circulation growth.

Other ppf Services

ppf services - Subscriber Fulfillment

Subscriber Fulfillment

Let ppf be your “back office” so you and your staff can focus on editorial content. ppf can handle all aspects of your journal subscription fulfillment.


ppf services - Customer Service

Subscriber Customer Service

At ppf, we know that prompt, efficient and courteous subscriber customer service is critical to your publication’s success. You can rely on our friendly, knowledgeable support staff.


ppf services - Journal Marketing

Marketing Services

ppf’s expanded marketing services are designed to engage the best candidates with your content, delivering finely honed messaging in creative and compelling ways.  From direct mail and email to social media and web design, ppf can strengthen your bond with existing subscribers and help you build relationships with new ones.